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Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas

Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas
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Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas

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Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas is the No. 1 blue engine. He is a cheeky little engine who often gets into scrapes, usually by being over-eager to do things best left to bigger and more sensible engines.


Toby is the number 7 brown tram engine. He’s square, reliable and always happy to work!

Yong Bao

Yong Bao is a kind and faithful tender engine from China. Painted on his Tender is a Tiger which gives off a sense of awe and admiration.


Percy is the number 6 green engine! The smallest member of the Steam Team, Percy is Thomas’ best friend and loves delivering the mail.


Spencer is just about the shiniest, sleekest engine the Island of Sodor has ever seen. Spencer is very strong and very fast - and he makes sure the other Egnines know it!


Rosie is an energetic, fun and free spirited tank engine! She works as a shunting and mixed traffic engine and loves to race.


Rebecca, the Happy Engine of the Steam Team, is a large tender engine who came from the Mainland. She is shy, but makes everyone happy – even Gordon!


Nia, the Helpful Engine of the Steam Team, is a tank engine from Kenya! She’s a real optimist with a great sense of fun!


James is the Number 5 Red Engine! He is the Funny Engine of the Steam Team and thinks of himself as a Really Splendid Engine.


Gordon is the number 4 blue express engine! He is always willing to use his superior strength and speed to help smaller engines out of trouble.


Emily, the Clever Engine of the Steam Team, is a bright, emerald green engine with gleaming brass fittings. She is a very clever problem solver!


Beautifully crafted with hand painted decal, Ashima is a fun, feisty, and friendly engine from India who is more than happy to help out wherever needed.

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