Casting little ones in leading roles and thrilling stunts

Miss Hollywood: Lights, Camera, Fashion!

Miss Hollywood: Lights, Camera, Fashion!
  • All Ages

  • Available in 9 languages

  • Fashion

  • Budge Original

  • Kid-Friendly

  • Made with Playgroup

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On the Set of Miss Hollywood: Lights, Camera, Fashion!

Meet the Talent

Miss Hollywood

Fashionista Chihuahua from glamorous Los Angeles

Granny Gabbo

Miss Hollywood's retired movie star grandma


Sophisticated Persian cat who has a taste for the finer things in life


Hip bunny that is topping music charts wordwide

Miss Puggy

Prima donna pug who fancies a good dance party


Ally cat that knows her way around the rock scene


Pro video game player fresh out of Silicon Valley


Soulful Boston terrier who went from rags to riches with his latest jam

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